Anti Termite Pipe Network

The pipes are inserted under soil before flooring at time of construction. The work is done along all walls covering both sides of walls.When maintained pressure is given,pipe releases chemical in sand/soil.The filling of chemicals is done after the flooring for best results . GPM provides 5 years written warranty after chemical filling.The refilling can be done any time since one outlet and inlet are maintained in a junction box fitted in outer wall of the house.

Advantages of pipe fitting:

1.Drilling the floor and wood every time for chemical pumping is not required.
2.Tedious work for removing the articles stored in the house is not required.
3.Chemical odor will not disturb any body.
4.No exposure of termiticide to occupants.
5.Installation of pipe system is warranted for lifetime
6.The chemical can be filled in pipes any time to control the termites attack.