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29 Sep
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There is a relation between environment,weather and pests behaviours.Nature has given aproper place to all living beings.When every thing works properly at their right place,it is called as environmental balance.

When any disturbance occurs due to human error,an environment disturbance takes place,which leads to indiscipline.Thus all the living beings specially pests roams here and there in search of shelter and food,Then they enters into living area of human beings creats nuissance,damages health,properties etc.

Hence,we can say that man creats problems for humankind ,then humankind finds a solution.

Today,Most of people are facing problems due to pests,it can be health problem by mosquitoes,cockroache,bed bugs,Rats,Flees ,ants etc.or it can be damage to property by termites,rats,ants & other pests.

If we Observe unwanted pest in our location or property,Follow followingtips.

1.Find out the entry point of pest in our building and close entry point tightly mechanically.

2.Keep your property neat and clean.

3.Use camphor by burning it.It is very good pest repellent.

4.Keep your place moisture fee.

World health organisation has recommended few pesticides to be used to control pests in buildings,hospitals,and othe sensitive places. Although these are safe for human beings,petsthese should be applied at proper dosages and techniques at right place.This job is called pest controller job.

Central insecticides board permits the use of house hold pesticides at proper dosages for a particular state,State Agricultural deptt issues pest control operator license .

For Control of unwanted pests,you can take free advise by calling at 7837019234,

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